Ok so a coworker in his late 30’s from my other job has now asked me on a date-esque outing
Why this has happened twice in the same month lmfao I love my life

  • Baby: M-m-m
  • Mom: Marxism will prevail?
  • Baby: M-mommy
  • Mom: You are a bourgeois sympathist baby and if you had been educated you would need reeducation. Instead, I will raise you as a communist
  • There’s literally no reason for me to stay here lol I have nothing holding me back from leaving first thing tomorrow morning. Hell, I would feel nothing if I left right now in this very moment. I’m so detached and disconnected.

    Deleted my snapchat, deleted my kik, going to delete my tumblr app soon and leave my blog stranded (last time I deleted someone hoarded my URL) and after basic training I’m going to delete my Facebook and just stick to texting and calling people, ya know? First and foremost is physical verbal communication, and secondary is digital.




    spent four hours collecting centipedes to fight each other only to realize they just run around like a bunch of fucking idiots when you open the box. anyway i dumped them in my sisters birthday cake and

    And what?

    sorry my wifi cut off. she’s dead